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Indoor water features

This year we have seen further significant growth in the indoor water fountains segment. It seems the market for water features providing the relaxing sight and sound of nature in the home and work place is set to continue to expand for some time yet.

The market will see considerable growth in this segment as new, more up-scale water features arrive onto the Australian market. Leading world manufacturers are now developing more refined lifestyle water feature concepts, utilizing new materials, technologies and more creative designs for multiple purchase applications for the home or office

Therapeutic benefits of water features

For most consumers, indoor fountains are decorative water features that simply look good as lifestyle furnishing items in traditional or contemporary homes.

The benefit of flowing water is maintaining a balanced, healthy and serene environment. Given that they moisturize the atmosphere in air-conditioned rooms or buildings, relieve stress in pressured lives and are a powerful form of relaxation therapy for hyperactive children, insomniacs, and those living with noisy neighbors or busy roads

Aqua Fountains has established itself as the preeminent source for high quality, decorative water features for residential and commercial design projects.  Combining leading-edge technology, hand-crafting and versatile design, Aqua Fountains offers the broadest selection of standard and custom water fountains in the industry.

While Aqua Fountains standard water features product lines meet the needs for many projects, our custom water features will dazzle your clients and distinguish you from your colleagues. 

Water features add an element of natural energy and serenity to any environment.  Through Aqua Fountains designers and their clients are increasingly choosing water features as a compelling, cost effective way to distinguish and differentiate their work and home environment.