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Garden Fountains

Our large selections of quality garden fountains are very popular decor for gardens large and small, unique and exclusive in design, made from resin, fiberglass, stainless or slate.
Outdoor floor fountains with pleasant flow of water helps block background noise and enhance the tranquility and peacefulness of your outdoor living areas and patios.
We custom themed designs of every scale for resorts and entertainment venues as well as other commercial developments  

GRC Fiberglass Rasin Fountains

Alabaster & Sphere

Alabaster Fountain

Amphura Fountain

Art Fountain


Augusta Fountain

Ball & Bowl Fountain

Ball & Ring Fountain

Ball & Wok Fountain

Bell Fountain

Bell Fountain Ancient

Bello Fountain

Block & Ball Custom

Block & Ball Fountain

Block Double & Sphere

Block Double Fountain

Block Fountain

Blossom Fountain

Blossom Fountain Custom

Buddha Fountain

Buddha Head Fountain

Buddha Head Mini


Canister Fountain

Canister Fountain Sierra


Column & Ball

Column Mini

Column Mini & Ball

Creseare Fountain

Daccapo Fountain

Dozen sides Fountain

Eminent Fountain

Eon Fountain

Flourish Fountain

Genie’s Fountain

Genie’s Fountain Custom


Guillie Fountain

Honey Jar

Hydro 2 Fountain

Hydro 3 Fountain

Jug Double Fountain

Jug Double Fountain & Planter

Jug Fountain

Jug Triple Fountain & Planter

Lady Fountain

Linear Fountain





Mono Rib Fountain

Monolith & Ball Charcoal

Monolith & Ball Fountain

Monolith Fountain


Obelisk Fountain

Oblique & Ball Fountain

Oblique & Ball Fountain Mini

Oblique Double & Ball Fountain

Oblique Double Fountain

Oblique Fountain

Oblique Fountain Mini

Olive Jar Fountain

Olive Jar Mini

Pillar Fountain

Rising Fountain

Rising Sphere Fountain

Rocket Fountain

Rubix Atri

Rubix Fountain

Rubix with Pedestal

Scallop Round

Scallop Square

Servius Fountain

Spindle Fountain

Taqai Fountain

Tower Fountain

Trophy Fountain

Trunk Fountain

Vase Heart Fountain

Vase heart Mini

Vase Ripple Fountain

Vase Wok Fountain


Vortex & Sphere

Water Trough

Wok with Pedestal


Slate Fountains

Stack Stone Bisque

Stacked Stone Mixed

Stacked Stone Mixed Wide

Stacked Stone Sandstone

Stacked Stone Stripes

Garden water Fountains

Creating a serene and calming atmosphere in your yard is a wonderful way to add value to your home and joy to your life. One of the best ways to accomplish this serene feeling is with outdoor water fountains. These beautiful garden fountains are easy enough to install yourself and are relatively inexpensive
There is nothing a soothing as the sound of trickling water when you are sitting outdoors enjoying the peace and quiet of nature. Including garden water features like wall fountains, sheer decent or waterfall into your landscaping plans does not require a great effort depending on the effect you want to create, when installing garden water feature it is best to sit back and take a really good look at your garden to decide on the right locations.
Water features have become increasingly popular with busy consumers. The water they use can be easily changed to keep it clean and fresh. The basins that collect falling water create bathing opportunities for birds and other wildlife. People who simply want to kick back, flip a switch and enjoy the sound of trickling water after a long day at the office are attracted to these easy do-it-yourself projects.
A fountain will look magnificent in your backyard landscape so take time to look out for one that will blend into your existing space. They can be made from a range of materials all of which have a natural element to them, often the most popular are ones made of stone and slate. Being deliberately made for the outdoor environment they will be durable and be able to withstand any extremes of temperature.

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